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Become a GROWING#BonnFiji partner & join our Citizen-driven SDGs Action Network to STOP global warming & START human warming.



…is a Citizen-driven SDGs Action Network which aims to unite people worldwide to take concrete action towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the local level. The initiative exists to continue the momentum which was created during the 23rd United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23) in Bonn, Germany, which was under the presidency of Fiji. In the short-term, #BonnFiji will strengthen young professionals and their organizations to play a key role in the SDGs by giving them more visibility on social media and connects them together and with other key organizations. From now till the 24th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 24) in Katowice, Poland, a number of seventeen (17) growing organizations will join forces with other seventeen (17) flourishing institutions to increase their power and outreach. #BonnFiji will develop in the long-term into an action network driven by citizens worldwide to achieve the SDGs by 2030.


#BonnFiji Partnership – join us today with your GROWING organization!

We define as Growing, any organization which is either newly established, under development or need support from other organizations to be empowered (youth or new non-governmental organization, student group, social business, green youth initiative, informal network, young professionals network, start-up, artists group, etc.). That organization should be active in the field of global development agenda and working on any or more of the SDGs in their home country, at the regional level or at a more global level. You will receive many benefits for yourself and your organization by a small financial contribution of 170€*:

  • Become official member of the Citizen-driven SDGs Action Network
  • Authorization to use the #BonnFiji label & logo in your projects and campaigns
  • Have your work highlighted at COP 24 (24th United Nations Climate Change Conference) in Katowice, Poland during side events, press briefings, exhibits
  • Visibility support to your projects and campaigns through our #BonnFiji social media (Facebook, Twitter) and on our communication materials (T-shirt, etc.)
  • Outreach support to mobilize people and organizations to participate to your activities and events (our track record proves our good outreach capacity)
  • Promotion of your initiatives and work through blogs and articles produced in 2018  and which can be published and disseminated on the #BonnFiji website
  • Opportunity to design and conduct joint #BonnFiji campaigns and initiatives with other partners members of the Citizen-driven SDGs Action Network
  • Access to a range of connections and networking opportunities with relevant organizations and other key stakeholders based in Germany and worldwide
  • Dissemination of your events and activities list in the #BonnFiji website and social media where they can reach out to huge numbers of stakeholders and other partner organizations from the Citizen-driven SDGs Action Network
  • Free use of BonnLAB (public office) for activities or events you might plan to organize in Bonn, Germany, in the year 2018 (e.g. SDG Festival of Actions from 21-23/03/2018; UNFCCC SBs from 30/04-10/05/2018, and others)
  • As a #BonnFiji partner you get support and help when travelling to countries and cities where other partners are based (access to working and meeting spaces, accommodation, local mobilization, local information, and others)
  • All network partners share their skills & knowledge with you and other key opportunities in their regions, countries and other networks they belong to
  • In the future: access to a list of training programmes, workshops, conferences and other events focusing on the SDGs in your areas of interest and expertise
  • You can identify potential business and collaboration opportunity and partners
  • Exchange your knowledge, skills, experiences, expertise and events with other members of the Citizen-driven SDGs Action Network
  • As GROWING partner organizations we connect you to FLOURISHING ones so you can get funding from them in the future through the network connection.

* If your organization is not able to make any of the above contribution, there is the option which consist of paying a monthly rate (12 times in the year) of fifteen Euro (15€). We are also happy to welcome you in our network by joining for free if you have very limited financial capacity. Please let us know if that is the case or order here directly for free with the Gutschein-Code (Coupon): MAKECOP24GREAT. Anyways we are happy to welcome  you to develop in a collaborative process a sustainable and successful Citizen-driven SDGs Action Network with your voice!

Before becoming a partner make sure that you read our #BonnFiji Partnership document available here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kjT1v_xYhRgreG8IghtCFiEeb7eUzlAeKwboxUd79Fo


Next steps to become a #BonnFiji Partner – after your payment is made – are the following:

  1. Fill out our #BonnFiji partnership request at: https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/YWYMJ7Q 
  2. We will contact you within one week after you have completed the two steps above to formalize the #BonnFiji Partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will be signed between your organization and BonnLAB.
  3. Welcome on board as a Member of our Citizen-driven SDGs Action Network – your organization is now an official #BonnFiji Partner and a Member of our Citizen-driven SDGs Action Network!


We are happy to partner with your organization and we are looking forward to…:


& START HUMAN WARMING with you soon!

Your #BonnFiji team